Stitch Fix Website Review & Ratings + Stitch Fix Coupons
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Stitch Fix Website Review & Ratings + Stitch Fix Coupons

Stitch Fix: Products & Services

Stitchfix is an innovative online shop trading in women’s fashion items. Based on an initial, individual style survey, Stitch Fix proceeds to send tops, dresses, accessories, and other clothing items individually chosen to suit customers’ particular tastes and sizes in a package of five items per shipment. Customers are free to send all unwanted items back to Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix: Company Background

Founded by Ivy League graduates Erin Flynn and Katrina Lake in February of 2011, the company aims to “provide a curated shopping experience for women”, especially those too busy to shop but with an interest in looking stylish. Located in San Francisco, Stitch Fix has already established a national presence.

Stitch Fix: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customer response to Stitch Fix has been very positive. Comments posted on Stitch Fix’s site include: “It took me a while to actually try it out from the time I first discovered it but now, I’m hooked.” This writer found no negative comments about Stitch Fix and no reservations from online shoppers. More enthusiastic reviews can be found at

Stitch Fix: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Company trustworthiness and credibility have been established by the publication of articles such as this one in the San Francisco Gate as well as bloggers like Swell and Stylish. Though the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it has racked up positive comments such as “new fave thing ever” from reluctant shoppers across the United States.

Stitch Fix: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Stitch Fix takes the power of some social media sites very seriously. With an excellent presence on Twitter, including 2,276 followers, Stitch Fix surprisingly has only 460 unique visitors monthly according to StatMyWeb gives a more realistic number of 2,315 unique visitors daily. 

Stitch Fix: Social Media Presence

With a Google PageRank of 3 (out of 10), an Alexa score of 147,475 in the United States, and slowly climbing indexed page figures with all three major search engines, Stitch Fix is making a deep impression on the online market considering that it is such a new company still in beta (the website appears to have been launched just eight months ago, though the company itself was founded earlier).

Stitch Fix: Website Security & Safety

Shopping safety at Stitch Fix seems to be of paramount importance for the site owners. They have invested in the use of Braintree Payments to process all credit cards. Stitch Fix does not store any credit card information on their servers, and they use a secure and encrypted connection to transmit personal data. A Google Safe Browsing check turned up no problems, indicating that the site has hosted no malicious software and engaged in no suspicious activity in the past six months. 

Stitch Fix: Pricing & Packages

Pricing is flexible and depends partly on the customer’s specifications. All customers are charged a $20 “styling fee” for each shipment of five items. This fee is applicable to the purchase of any item in the current fix, but cannot be held over in the event that the customer buys nothing. It is not possible to compare Stitch Fix’s pricing with that of competitors; items are not offered for sale on the official website, and one can only state that customers have not complained about the prices they are paying on items received. (This may be related to the fact that personal budget is a factor taken into consideration during the initial styling questionnaire.) As Stitch Fix is offering a unique service, it remains to be seen how the company will fare in the competitive world of women’s online fashion.

Stitch Fix: Shipping Rates & Policies

Payment options with Stitch Fix are not clearly indicated on the company site. Credit cards are mentioned in passing on the Stitch Fix FAQ page, but as the site is still in beta and requires an “invite” to join and gain access to the service, there is at the moment no way to confirm the availability of alternative payment options such as personal check, PayPal, etc.

Stitch Fix: Payment Methods Accepted

Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping both ways as a benefit of membership. Stitch Fix ships using USPS priority mail and provides customers with a tracking number via email after each fix has shipped. At this time, Stitch Fix cannot ship outside of the United States. There is no indication of an express mail option on the Stitch Fix FAQ page.

Stitch Fix: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Returns are due back in the mail 3 days after receipt of the package. All returned items must be unworn. Any returned items must be sent back right away, and in one package. If nothing is received back within the given time frame of 10 days, Stitch Fix assumes that the customer is keeping all items in the current “fix”. There is no indication that customers have been displeased with the return policy.

Stitch Fix: Product images & screenshots
Stitch Fix Coupons
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